TET and TRB exam on BT ...so Rathina Kumar calls on 15.02.12 at in front of TRB chennai./ /Employment clarification BT- BCM- History for sending TRB ......another source says 3*** BTs in old G.O ... selection list after PG , SGT and SPL teachers selection./ TRB says " Not release PG list" /1:5 list for spl Trs soon by TRB -Dinathanthi/

Saturday, November 12, 2011


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  1. hi i finished M.Sc B.Ed in computer science department . now the TRB exam is going to conducted. but our subject and also like commerce and accountancy subject also not mentioned that exam. so wat we can do? how we can get job ? we can wait how many ..... years? so the government fill the posting through the exam or seneority. exam mens include all the subject give the chance to all otherwise dont contact the exam . via seneority. my openion is contact through the exam because we ll get the good and tallent person. k when our posting going to fill and wat way to fill .