TET and TRB exam on BT ...so Rathina Kumar calls on 15.02.12 at in front of TRB chennai./ /Employment clarification BT- BCM- History for sending TRB ......another source says 3*** BTs in old G.O ... selection list after PG , SGT and SPL teachers selection./ TRB says " Not release PG list" /1:5 list for spl Trs soon by TRB -Dinathanthi/

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Exam conformed from RTI - Handbook for School Education.

Exam conformed from RTI - Handbook for School Education. 
Full Handbook click  this hand book released ago 2 days .
As per ur blogspot.com I feel ur statement 50 percent only right. The data clearly quoting that exam for high and higher secondary only. What about for middle school bts? Can u clarify this? Pl. sir
Abdul said....
ur qn good.but the officer not know or thinks that BTs in High and Higher Sec. Schools.Not Elementary..so..(.7 years back.)
I cant clarify narasimman's sir Question. the clarifying authority School Education and RTI.
i am not.sir.so i will try.......

Saturday, October 01, 2011

BE ready to write BRTE Exam ...GO 178 , BRTEs-637...

BE ready to write BRTE Exam ...
GO 178 , BRTEs-637....
Qualification:Degree with B.Ed. 
by www.fta-trbnews.blogspot.com