TET and TRB exam on BT ...so Rathina Kumar calls on 15.02.12 at in front of TRB chennai./ /Employment clarification BT- BCM- History for sending TRB ......another source says 3*** BTs in old G.O ... selection list after PG , SGT and SPL teachers selection./ TRB says " Not release PG list" /1:5 list for spl Trs soon by TRB -Dinathanthi/

Friday, August 26, 2011

Our CM announced.......


  1. Bala, Kovilpatti.9442489108August 27, 2011 12:10 PM


  2. Dear friends, CMs announcement regarding the appointment is very disappointing. Usually teachers appointed under SSA scheme will be only through TRB exam, then what will be the fate of the teachers waiting for the seniority? How can we compete with the freshers? What is the use of working in a matriculation school for several years? The news published in "Dinamani" daily newspaper is something rubbish.

  3. Dear Friends or Bala,

    Could any one of you pls tell what will happen to the already selected (DSE+DEE) list?
    Whether they will get appointment letters or that list has been dumped.

    pls let me know if any one of you know precise answer for this.


  4. Bala, Kovilpatti 9442489108August 27, 2011 5:49 PM

    Hello friends,

    No Fear or dout about the selected for R.M.S.A, COMPURTE INSTRUCTORS, AND UNRELASED D.S.E..D.E.E Candiates. It is come to know by some reliabel sources, Sep 2-5 is the date on which the revised list will be released. Lets wait for Sep.5. Unless the list will be released we must gathering to represent our griveness.
    Here some Questions :

    1. If anybody selected in R.M.S.A. but not received the provisional selection letter from T.R.B.?
    2. If any candidate is in the list but with remarks Withheld... If anybody there pls mention your name and cell no.
    3. In Computer Instructors...if anybody in selected list but not received selection letter from TRB.
    4. The people who are waiting for D.S.E and D.E.E revised list ... Pls check ur status whether ur in withheld remarks.If so, go TRB and rectify it..

    list is delayed for those people are having withheld remarks.

    In connect with friends, 90% people have been rectified their withheld status. If anybody remains first rectify the problem.

    One more thing, Here R.M.S.A People and Computer Instructors, dont be idle. Watch Carefully.
    Friends dont put ur comments in the name of Ananymous....Put Your name and where are u from

    D.E.E and D.C.E people wait for Sep.5
    RMSA AND COUMPUTER INSTRUCTORS...It seems to be some crisis may be arised. I have been also selected in R.M.S.A.Schme. To Protect ourselves b ready to gather.

    I requset u if u any want to clarify in this regard call me by 9442489108...or balkisurya@gmail.com

  5. sir,

    please tel me , govt is going to conduct exam or seniority?

  6. I condemns DINAMANI article about appointement of TRB. if selection will be seniority, most experience candidate selected then students benifet their experience

  7. Bala, 9442489108..

    Dont talk of the Meadia news....

    Here i want to say onething for DSE & DEE with held candidates......

    Since Education dept strictly instructed TRB, to release withheld free list..the release of revised list is getting late.

    Officials told almost 99% withheld candidates should be verified..But there is some withheld ppl are there..this is the news for them

    1. If the people selected under priority category like D.Ex., ICM and other...Please clarify whether TRB sent any letter to the connected office (from which office the certificate is obtained from) "whether the priority certificate is genuine ?" . If so, you gear up the action to send the genuiness report to TRB.
    2. If any candidate who converts from Christianity to Hinduism and obtaining Community Certicate and pruduce in TRB Certificate Verification ( It mostly referrs of SC People )..U immediately go to concerned R.D.O. (Revenue Divisional Office) and clarify if TRB sent any letter "whether the community certificate is genuine ?" . If so, you gear up the action to send the genuiness report to TRB thorugh the office not by individual.
    3. If any remarks regarding Or Employment Card seniority....U Please go to Concerned Employment Office and clarify any letter sent to the connected office from TRB "whether Correction or grace time registration etc. is genuine ?" If so, you gear up the action to send the genuiness report to TRB.

    Finally one word... the list is delayed only of withheld candidates.. U check urself for what reason u r in withheld list ...and fly to rectify it.

  8. Heartful Thanks to CM ..as seniority will be followed for new appointment in SSA and for part time teachers.. we seniors welcome this..because we are not only seniors in employment office..we also have many years of experience as teacher in private schools..nowadays it is very difficult to work in private schools..as no.of holidays.\ is very less than the students..freshers get experience and compete with us..

  9. Tn Govt selected graduates teachers post will be publised beofore 8th sept 2011.and councelling for BTs after that... Also some bulk teachers post will be published ...updates from parandhaman sir web..manjula ..kovilpatti.

  10. kadantha kaala aachiyiela slect seithathaala than nama innum (6195) (dse, dee, rmsa, computer )porada veandi irukku..... ithan nelamai romba kavalai kidam thaan....
    so try to get in job...

  11. poruthathu pothum
    porapaduvom kottaiyai nokki...
    illai endral kzstam thaan...

  12. posting podanum endru ninathu vittal orea naalil podalam etharu uthaaranam nearaiya irukku aana namakku (6195) kadantha kaala aachiyiel thodarnthu ......intha aachi nadanthu mudinthu----- innum entha aachi vanthal poduvangalo... endra kavalai ellathukkum....