TET and TRB exam on BT ...so Rathina Kumar calls on 15.02.12 at in front of TRB chennai./ /Employment clarification BT- BCM- History for sending TRB ......another source says 3*** BTs in old G.O ... selection list after PG , SGT and SPL teachers selection./ TRB says " Not release PG list" /1:5 list for spl Trs soon by TRB -Dinathanthi/

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New BTs list for DSE-DEE next week by TRB -DInathanthi


  1. It is really a happy news for the awaiting teachers. Can any one give me suggestion to my problem?
    I have attended certificate verification for BT(english) on 12/05/2010. But at the time of verification I did not pocess any certificate for priority for ex-servicemen,but later I applied for the same, and I got it only on 18/08/2010. Then I went to TRB personally to include my priority. But there was no response. Last week when I came to know that 76 candidates were called for verification, I sent a mail and a register post with acknowledgement attaching my cerificates for proof. May I know how to get my name included in the forthcoming list?

  2. Hello Radha P,
    When did you complete your B Ed and registered with employment exchange?
    What is your other priority state (SC/ST/OBC/FC)?
    With the above details it can be clarified.

  3. hello radha welcome.....
    was ur c.v letter for priority ex-army? on may 2010? pls sms.....

  4. sir,
    ex-servicemen priority. I got it only in the month of august 2010. I belong to FC . I sent my certificate proof to TRB.But till now there is no response. what shall i do?

  5. dìd u get ur cv for prìority?.not . Ok. So u should add priority in ur employment firstly.then .employment recommends ur name for cv.

  6. emp recommends next time. U hav completed cv without prioritý. emp recommends next time. U hav completed cv without prioritý.

  7. Are they going to send appoinment order to all cv verified candidates?